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In the bordering villages of the Amazon Rainforest; children, toddlers and teenagers from the jungle search trash cans for food, steal knives to protect themselves at night, and live in fear of being forced into the dark world of sex trafficking.  For these desperately needy children, nothing was safe, nothing was free--until they encountered the love of Jesus through the compassion of Dr. Wes King. 



Based on a true story!

Filmed in the Amazon Jungle!

Kings’ step of faith is a stunning example of how God miraculously uses the willing to transform the lives of thousands of forgotten children with His hope and healing. It is a story of immense faith, suffering and love. The children whose stories are revealed in this film will change your heart forever.  

Purpose of the film.....
  • To share the Gospel of Jesus Christ.

  • Create a new awareness to the mission field.

  • To share this ministry and foster support.

  • To challenge young people to become world changers.